Way Back Home was released to digital outlets and streaming services on Dec 13th 2013
Limited Edition vinyl was released in 250 copies on May 30th 2014

Arranged, performed and produced by Captain Walker:
Fredrik Eilertsen, Knut-Erik Giske, Halvor Haugen & Einar Tørnquist

Annette Gil – Backing vocals on Peace Of Mind
Sindre Granum – Backing vocals on If You Need Someone

Recorded and engineered by
Olav Lystrup Thesen, Eyvinn Magnus Solberg, Sindre Granum and Fredrik Eilertsen
Mixed by Sindre Granum and Fredrik Eilertsen
Mastered by Bruno Varea @ Upload Studio

Photo by Stian Nybru
Design by Heidi Svendsen

1. The Wrong Way (Eilertsen)
2. Waiting For (Eilertsen)
3. Sleep Alabama (Eilertsen)
4. Tropical Island (Tørnquist)
5. Too Close (Eilertsen/Tørnquist)
6. Peace Of Mind (Eilertsen)
7. Fool Yourself (Tørnquist)
8. If You Need Someone (Eilertsen)
9. Way Back Home (Eilertsen)